Mastering the Art of AI-Generated Images: A Comprehensive Guide to DALL-E Prompts

Created on 3 January, 2024Visual Arts and Design • 85 views • 5 minutes read

Mastering the Art of AI-Generated Images: A Comprehensive Guide to DALL-E Prompts

In an era where artificial intelligence continues to reshape our world, one of the most exciting breakthroughs has been the ability to generate unique, intriguing visuals with AI. At the forefront of this innovation is DALL-E, a powerful AI capable of turning text descriptions into a vast array of artistic creations. But to fully tap into DALL-E's potential, it's crucial to understand how to effectively use prompts. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to combine different elements—Art Style, Artist, Lighting Style, and Mood—to create detailed prompts that can guide DALL-E to generate the most desirable and creative results.

Getting the best image results with DALL-E involves understanding how to use different elements in your prompt to guide the AI. Here's how you could use Art Style, Artist, Lighting Style, and Mood to refine your prompts for specific results.

Art Style

The art style informs the overall aesthetic of the image. This could relate to the use of color, line, form, and composition. Select an art style that resonates with the type of image you're looking to create. For instance, if you're after a nostalgia-infused image, you might opt for the 'Retro' style. If you're aiming for a complex, three-dimensional image, you might select '3D render'.


You can use the style of famous artists to guide DALL-E's output. For instance, if you want an image that's surreal and dream-like, you might use 'Salvador Dali'. Or if you want something modern and pop-arty, you could use 'Andy Warhol'. Remember that the artists mentioned can be used as references to their style and not for copying or infringing on the rights associated with their works.

Lighting Style

Lighting style informs the mood and atmosphere of your image. It can create dramatic shadows ('Hard'), romantic twilight ('Blue Hour'), or even a mysterious scene ('Foggy'). Select the lighting style that best suits the mood you're trying to evoke with your image.


The mood can dictate the overall feeling or emotion that your image evokes. If you want your image to feel peaceful and calming, you might select 'Calm'. If you want something more dynamic and energetic, you might go with 'Bright' or 'Cheerful'.

Creating a Prompt

When constructing a prompt, it's best to combine these elements in a logical and descriptive manner. Start with the main subject of your image, then use the elements to provide more specifics.

For instance, for a prompt like "A peaceful garden at sunset", you could enhance it using these elements as follows:

"Generate a 'Claude Monet'-inspired 'Impressionist' style painting of a peaceful garden at 'Golden Hour', creating a 'Calm' mood."

Or for a more abstract prompt like "A vision of the future", you might say:

"Design a '3D render' in a 'Cyberpunk' style, inspired by 'George Condo', showing a vision of the future under 'Neon' lighting, evoking a 'Bright' mood."

Remember that DALL-E responds to creativity and specificity. The more specific and descriptive you are in your prompt, the closer the output will likely be to your desired result.

20 more examples of creative, detailed prompts that combine Art Style, Artist, Lighting Style, and Mood:

  1. "Create a 'Vincent van Gogh'-inspired 'Pointillism' artwork of a starry night with 'Cold' lighting, capturing a 'Calm' mood."
  2. "Render a 'Tim Burton'-style 'Cartoon' of a quirky Halloween town, with 'Dramatic' lighting, evoking a 'Dark' mood."
  3. "Design a 'Banksy'-inspired 'Sticker' of a mysterious urban scene, under 'Ambient' lighting, displaying a 'Neutral' mood."
  4. "Generate a 'Pablo Picasso'-influenced 'Cubism' artwork of a musical ensemble under 'Studio' lighting, illustrating a 'Bright' mood."
  5. "Illustrate a 'Renaissance' painting in the style of 'Leonardo da Vinci', of a scholar in his study, in 'Natural' light, showcasing a 'Calm' mood."
  6. "Draw a 'Salvador Dali'-inspired 'Surrealist' image of melting clocks in a desert, under 'Golden Hour' lighting, evoking a 'Chilling' mood."
  7. "Craft a 'Modern' style city skyline in 'Vector' art, inspired by 'Andy Warhol', under 'Neon' lighting, presenting a 'Colorful' mood."
  8. "Depict a 'Cyberpunk' scene of a futuristic cityscape in the style of 'George Condo', with 'Blue Hour' lighting, illustrating a 'Dark' mood."
  9. "Create an 'Anime' character in the style of 'Takashi Murakami', under 'Studio' lighting, exhibiting a 'Cheerful' mood."
  10. "Design a 'Bauhaus' poster for an abstract concert, inspired by 'Normal Rockwell', under 'Natural' light, projecting a 'Bright' mood."
  11. "Illustrate a 'Steampunk' styled mechanical dragon in a '3D render', under 'Dramatic' lighting, presenting an 'Aggressive' mood."
  12. "Render a 'Ukiyo-e' style scene of a spring festival, inspired by 'Claude Monet', in 'Warm' light, capturing a 'Cheerful' mood."
  13. "Craft a 'Pop' art image of a vibrant city life, in the style of 'Andy Warhol', under 'Cinematic' lighting, showcasing a 'Colorful' mood."
  14. "Generate a 'Takashi Murakami'-inspired 'Anime' character in a dreamlike landscape under 'Foggy' lighting, creating a 'Chilling' mood."
  15. "Draw a 'Retro'-styled jukebox in 'Line art', inspired by 'Normal Rockwell', under 'Ambient' lighting, evoking a 'Calm' mood."
  16. "Create a 'Minimalist' architectural design in '3D render', in the style of 'George Condo', under 'Studio' light, illustrating a 'Neutral' mood."
  17. "Design a 'Bauhaus' poster for an art exhibition, inspired by 'Vincent van Gogh', under 'Warm' lighting, showing a 'Bright' mood."
  18. "Generate a 'Renaissance' painting of a majestic king's court, in the style of 'Leonardo da Vinci', in 'Natural' light, showcasing a 'Calm' mood."
  19. "Illustrate a 'Pencil drawing' of a tranquil forest scene, inspired by 'Claude Monet', in 'Golden Hour' lighting, reflecting a 'Calm' mood."
  20. "Craft a 'Glitchcore' image of a digital cityscape in 'Vector' art, inspired by 'Takashi Murakami', under 'Neon' lighting, displaying a 'Colorful' mood."

AI is an exciting field of endless possibilities, and DALL-E is a testament to this, capable of bringing our wildest visual imaginings to life. With a clear understanding of how to construct effective prompts that weave together Art Style, Artist, Lighting Style, and Mood, we can unlock DALL-E's full potential. As we continue to explore and experiment with these elements, we also continue to redefine the boundaries of creativity and art. So let's embrace this remarkable technology and embark on this unique artistic journey with DALL-E, one prompt at a time.